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Seoul Vicinity

Everland and Caribbean Bay
Two great amusement parks rolled into one. Caribbean Bay is a water park and Everland is roller coasters, a jungle safari . . . more

Korean Folk Village
No visit to Korea is complete without a trip to the Folk Village, easily reached on a day trip from Seoul . . . more
Namhansansong Park
The winner of the longest name for a park award, Namhansansong's walls and gates wind over hills for several kilometers culminating in a fortress ('song') . . . more
Of all the places you visit during your
time in Korea one of the most unique, and the one you're least likely to forget, is Panmunjom . . . more
Seoul Grand Park
Known best for its giant amusement park, 'Seoul Land', Seoul Grand Park also includes the National Museum of Contemporary Art . . . more
Sharing House
The House of Sharing is a safe house and museum for former Comfort Women (women who were forced into sexual slavery under the Japanese during World War II). Located just outside Seoul, the house offers tours in Korean, Japanese and English.
Seoul (horse) Racecourse
Sudden urge to bet on the ponies? No problem, head to the Seoul Racecourse, sometimes called . . . more
Cheju (Jeju) Island
Cheju Island
For more general information on the island please head to the Cheju Island page in the Get Regional section.
For more general information on the city please head to the Kwangju page in our Get Regional section.
Korea National Rail
For more general information on the city please head to the Pusan page in our Get Regional section.
For more general information on the city please head to the Taejon page in our Get Regional section.
Sometimes called a museum without walls the city of Kyongju is like a living, breathing Korean history lesson. The capital of the Shilla Dynasty for almost 1000 . . . more


Anapchi Pond
Built in 674 AD as a place for Shilla kings and the royal family to relax and party . . . more
Constructed between 632 and 646 AD Chomsongdae is one of the world's oldest observatories . . . more
Kyongju National Museum
The main preserver of Shilla era artifacts and culture, the museum features Buddhist items . . . more
Not to be confused with Seoul's mountain of the same name, Kyongju's Namsan is a hiker's haven . . . more
Perhaps the finest place to go sightseeing in all of Korea. Pulguksa was set up during the Shilla . . . more
Pomun Lake Resort
A high class resort area developed by the Korea National Tourism Organization, Pomun Resort . . . more
Sokkuram Grotto
One of Korea's oldest and finest examples of Buddhist statuary. Originally built in the 8th century . . . more
Chonju/Jeonju and Vicinity
Cholla-bukdo's (North Cholla Province's) largest city and provincial capital is Chonju. Famous . . . more
Called Maisan, or 'Horse Ears Mountain' due to the unique shape of its twin peaks. What makes the . . . more
Togyusan and Muju
Togyusan National Park is home to one of Korea's most popular and high-class ski resorts - Muju. . . more
North Kyongsan/Gyeongsang Province
Taegu/Daegu, Korea's third largest city, is well known to Koreans for the . . . more
Andong and Hahoe
Known for its deep roots into old Korea, Andong is a wonderful place to experience the Confucian traditions and the ancient homes of the yangban or noblemen. Located about 40 minutes from Andong, Hahoe is . . . more
Ullung/Ulleung Island
Remains of an ancient volcano, Ullung Island protrudes mysteriously from the East Sea with waves . . . more

General Information
Korea National Tourism Organization (KNTO)
An extremely useful and information-packed site.
Korean National Parks
Nice looking but image-heavy site.
Lonely Planet - Korea
Generally considered 'the' guidebook on Korea, the site itself is also helpful.
Official City of Seoul Site
Tons of Seoul info. Even includes a way to complain directly to the mayor!
Korea Infogate
A site sponsored by Korea Telecom providing both services and background info on Korea.
Hotels - Homestays - Backpackers
Hotels Galore
A list of hotels all throughout Korea.
Korea Hotels and Resorts
A 100+ hotels database for Korea run by a company in Hong Kong. Nice, quick site with some decent deals.
Temple Stay Program
How about spending a night or two at a Buddhist monastery? Originally set up for the World Cup the program has proven popular enough to continue. Click the link above for more info.
Seoul Guest House
A nice site that offers a homestay in a traditional house near some of Seoul's most popular tourist sites.
Seoul Backpackers
Excellent location for exploring Seoul's palaces and the traditional Insadong area. Easy to use, informative website.
Guest House Sinavrow
Another great location close to the palaces and Insadong. Website has tons of info and also offers guide services. (Seoul)
Not a homestay but a place to learn about traditional Korean cooking, clothing, folk games, etc. at the home of a Korean family in Seoul.
Airlines and Airports
Asiana Airlines
Korean Air
Incheon International Airport
Subways and Railroads
Seoul Subway
Pusan Subway
Korean National Railroad
K.N.T.O. Bus Info
Information, timetables and fares for Express and Intercity buses across the country.

Seoul City Tour Bus
A great way to explore Seoul via special tour buses with guides.


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