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Pusan City
Pusan City
Tourist Attractions
(with help from the Korea National Tourism Organization)
Haeundae Beach
Just 14 kilometers from Pusan City Hall, Haeundae is the most crowded beach in Korea. 1.6 kilometers long and 35-50 meters wide, the beach has an average water depth of one meter and is equipped with . . . more
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Pomosa/Beomeosa Temple
Located on the eastern slope of Mt. Kumjongsan in Pusan, Pomosa is said to have been built by the Great Priest Uisang during the reign of King Munmu of the Shilla Kingdom. Considered one of the three largest . . . more
Busan Subway Map
(courtesy Pusan/Busan city government website)
Busan Subway Map
Head to the Busan Transportation Corporation website for more Busan subway info.

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