Cheju (Jeju) Island
Jeju Expats Message Board
For anyone living on or thinking of coming to Jeju Island try the 'rhymeswithjeju' message board set up on Yahoo by local expats.
Jeju Eco Tours
Scuba Dive Korea
Long famous for its 'hay-nyaw' (literally 'sea woman') female pearl divers, Cheju Island off Korea's south coast also has challenging, interesting conditions to offer more modern scuba divers. I just got back from a weeklong trip to . . . more
Cheju Island
Tourist Attractions
Cheju/Jeju Folk Village
Though the village is technically a re-creation don't let that spoil it. Quite a few of the 117 buildings are actually 100-300 years old - moved here from . . . more
Chungmun/Jungmun Resort
Cheju's foremost resort includes several hotels ranging from the moderate to the ultra-deluxe Shilla, a golf course, pleasant little beach, casino . . . more
Hallasan National Park
Mt. Halla ('san' is the Korean word for mountain) lies at the heart of Cheju-do - visible from almost any point on the island. Numerous trails of varying length and difficulty crisscross . . . more
Manjanggul (Manjang Caves)
The world's longest lave tube formed back when Hallasan was still an active volcano. The first kilometer of the tube/cave has been opened to the public and makes for . . . more
Song-up/Seongeup Folk Village
More similar to the Hahoe Folk Village in Andong than the one outside of Seoul - it feels more like an actual village than a history lesson or tourist . . . more
Sankumburi looks less like a volcano than the remnants of some kind of giant asteroid collision. Called a 'floral treasure house' for its over 420 different . . . more
Sunrise Peak
Songsan-ilchul-bong (whew, say that one ten times fast) as it's known in Korean is one of the most popular sites on the island for Korean tourists. Also called Songsanpo after . . . more

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