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  • For background info on everything from visas to festivals head to the Korea National Tourism homepage.
  • For air fares and ticketing please check with your local travel agent or a website based in your home country.
  • For hotel pricing and reservations use the hotels page.
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Travel in Korea
Again your first stop should be the Korea National Tourism homepage for background info on different regions/sites around the peninsula, plus events, shopping, etc. After that try:

dial 1330 for travel info
currency converter
Adventure Korea
Travel out of Korea
Taking a vacation? Leaving for home? Try some of the English websites below (you may have to look around for their English section) for travel deals and information:
Book Hotels and Tours
In cooperation with the friendly folks at 1stopKorea now offers on-line English hotel and tour bookings throughout South Korea. Also includes long-term serviced apartments.
Travel Links
Try the travel links page for comments on various tourist sites around the peninsula. Also features plenty of links to info from a wide variety of Korea-specific websites. You can also submit a link of your own to help others in their search.
What Should I Bring to Korea? (reader submission)
There are several things that you should consider bringing with you, and some things you should not. If you forget, and you probably will, you can find almost anything . . . more
Journey into Kimland - my trip to the DPRK (Scott)
In an age where you can get Starbucks on Thai islands, Baskin-Robbins in Saigon, Coke and McDonalds just about everywhere it's nice to finally visit a place lacking even the knowledge of such things. The most . . . more
Busan/Pusan Aquarium Shark Dive
New to the peninsula and interested in exploring Pusan/Busan in a unique way? Been in Korea for a while and looking for something different? Then why not head down to the Busan Aquarium and go on a shark dive? Read all about it on the shark dive page.
Panmunjom: Visiting the Korean DMZ
Having written about a visit to the DMZ and Panmunjom from the North I figured it was time to try writing something about the far more popular visits from the South. There are . . . more
Scuba Dive Korea
Long famous for its 'hay-nyaw' (literally 'sea woman') female pearl divers, Cheju Island off Korea's south coast also has challenging, interesting conditions to offer more modern scuba divers. I just got back from . . . more
Motorcycling in Korea
Whenever Western expats and tourists are polled about some of the things they dislike most about living and driving in Korea, near the top of the list are almost always the country's motorcycle drivers. 'We' are seen as dangerous . . . more
Sharing House
The House of Sharing is a safe house and museum for former Comfort Women (women who were forced into sexual slavery under the Japanese during World War II). Located just outside Seoul, the house offers tours in Korean, Japanese and English.

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