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Are there any Arsenio Hall fans out there? I never watched him too much, but every once in awhile. Back when Arsenio was popular I used to see this saxophone player on the show. His name was Dave Koz. I always thought he was stuck on himself, like he thought he was super cool! Basically what I'm saying is I never really had a good feeling about him.

Well, Dave Koz was in Korea back in February for a promotional tour. I wasn't too interested in him, so I didn't go see him play. (One of many mistakes in my life). He came back to Korea May 3rd to the 6th for a concert series. There wasn't much going on in Korea that weekend except 'Dream Theater' was coming to Korea. I didn't know too much about 'Dream Theater' except they are from Seattle, so I decided to check out Dave's music.

Dave had a concert at a local university Thursday, and the record label said I could get an interview if time permitted. Now, if I was from 'Rolling Stone' magazine or MTV then time would always permit, but since I'm from some new Internet website I always hear the line "If time permitted". That's usually a courteous no, but it is VERY courteous.

I met Dave before the sound check and introduced myself to him. I was surprised how cool and easy-going he was. He wasn't a jerk at all! He said I could get an interview after the sound check. I thought that was super nice of him.

The sound check was great. Sound checks are better than the actual concerts sometimes. Everybody is really relaxed and you can see the artists as themselves without any big fanfare. I never really heard of any of Dave's music before, even though he just released his 6th album entitled 'The Dance'. As I was listening to his music I got all mushy inside. If the cameraman next to me were a little better looking I probably would have given him a kiss. Dave's music was fantastic! He's nothing like Kenny G at all. Actually Kenny G was just here in Korea, but he wouldn't do any interviews, but he was very polite about it.

Anyway, Dave's music is totally different from Kenny. Sure Dave has some ballads, but he also has some good ole' rockin tunes. Well the sound check ended and then Dave said that they moved the schedule up a half an hour and he didn't have any time now. He said that I could come to the concert on Saturday night and chat with him maybe. The guy was so cool I didn't care. Hey, if he had time then that would be cool, but I didn't want to bother him either.

Saturday came and there's actually a good story to tell, but I

better keep this one to myself because too many people will start yelling at me again. Yup, Saturday after the sound check was interesting. Anyway, here's my interview with Dave Koz. I snagged 5 minutes of his time.


J: Ok, I know I'm short on time here and I appreciate that you let me do this so I will ask you really quick questions and if you can answer quickly then I can get out of here faster. Is that OK?

D: Sounds OK with me. Fire away.

J: Now, you were just in Korea 3 months ago. How come your back so soon?

D: I did a promotional tour in 4 countries in Asia to promote my new album. We went to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and obviously Korea. We only did promotional showcases and some TV stuff. This time around was a concert tour and we hit more countries. We've been in Asia for almost a whole month, and Korea is the last stop before we go back to the States.

J: How's Korea treating you?

D: It's been great! I really liked it last time I was here.

J: Is it hard performing in non-English speaking countries? What I mean by that is I know it must be frustrating sometimes for your production staff to set up for a concert and some of the sound and lighting equipment might be a little old.

D: You have to try and work with what you're given. Getting frustrated doesn't solve any problems. I've had a great time performing in Asia and the fans here are great!

J: On your new album you have many great artists involved. How did that come about?

D: For every song I was looking for a specific sound. All the people that worked on the album I have always admired. It was a real pleasure working with Luther Vandross and Be Be Winans has been a long time friend. We've always wanted to do something together and the opportunity finally arose.

J: About 3 years ago I saw you on the TV show 'Politically Incorrect'. How did you get on that?

D: Did you see me on that? (Dave doesn't look too happy that I brought that up) At the time, my agent thought it might be a good idea and he booked me on the show.

J: Did you like it?

D: No, it was horrible. I think it was my worst TV appearance. You have to have an aggressive personality to be good on that show, and I don't have a confrontational personality. Do you like that show?

J: Yeah, I think Bill Maher is hilarious!

D: He killed me.

J: Yeah, he's really sarcastic! Now, I've also seen you on the soap opera 'General Hospital'. Do you like acting?

D: I don't really call it acting since I'm usually playing myself. It's pretty easy since it's just me.

J: Would you like to act like in a movie or something, or do you want to focus mainly on your music?

D: If the opportunity came up then I would like to act some more.

J: What was your first reaction when you heard that you would be playing for President Clinton's Inauguration?

D: I was surprised and honored.

J: What was Clinton like?

D: He was really cool and down to earth. Actually I got to play for him another time also besides the Inauguration.

J: I know President Clinton plays the sax. Did you guys play together?

D: No, there was no time.

J: So this is your last show before going back home?

D: It's been a great tour, and the venue here (Seoul Arts Theater) is the best place we've played.

J: Well. I better get out of here before someone asks me to leave. It's been a real pleasure and I hope you have a great concert.

D: Thanks.

Well, that interview took all of 5 minutes, but the promoter still yelled at me. It's kind of funny. The promoter wants to promote Dave Koz, but apparently only on his terms. Well I think this promoter should promote Yngwie Malamsteen! They would work perfectly together. Please check out Dave's website: www.davekoz.com.

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