Kimchi is the staple eaten at almost every meal. There are many different kinds but all of them are made from cabbage mixed with various spices, most commonly garlic, chili pepper and ginger. Most foreigners who try kimchi for the first time are generally not overly impressed with the taste but like many things, it grows on you.

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1. T'ong-baech'u Kimchi (cabbage head kimchi)
The classic Korean kimchi made with Chinese cabbage, served at almost every Korean meal.

2. O-e Sobaegi (stuffed cucumber kimchi)
Suitable for the summer months when people lose their appetite. Slit-cut cucumbers are stuffed with a mixture of vegetables and seasonings, and fermented a day or two.

3. Yeolmu Mul Kimchi (young radish water kimchi)Kimchi
A popular kimchi in summer. Not spicy.

4. Kkaktugi (diced radish kimchi)
Made with big white radishes.

5. Tong-chi-mi (radish water kimchi)
Radishes are marinated in brine seasoned with garlic and ginger until fermented.

6. Ch'ong-gak Kimchi (bachelor radish kimchi)
Nice and crunchy. Unmarried Korean men traditionally wore their hair in a long braid. Radishes with tops were thought to resemble this head and ponytail.

7. Nabak Kimchi (sliced radish & cabbage kimchi)
The tangy juice is refreshing and fragrant.



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