A. 600 grams (1.32 lbs.) pork rib (Kalbee)

B. Kalbee seasonings:
1 tblsp. minced garlic
3 tblsp. chopped onion
3 tblsp. pear
1/2 tblsp. sugar
1/2 tblsp. honey
1 tblsp. sesame seed oil
2 tblsp. glutinous (sticky) rice powder
1 tblsp. soy sauce
a dash of sesame seed and pepper

C. Sauce:
1 tblsp. beef broth
1 tblsp. honey
1 tblsp. liquid sugar
1 tblsp. sugar
a dash of pepper

D. Seasoned Paste:
2 cups soy sauce
3 tblsp. sugar
2 tblsp. honey
3 tblsp. liquid sugar
3 tblsp. white wine
1 piece dried chili pepper
2 pieces pepper corn
2 sesame leaves


1. First prepare the seasoned paste. Place all the "D" ingredients in a cooking pot on medium heat and cook for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, sieve out the solid ingredients and leave the liquid on the side to be used later.

2. Finely grind the Kalbee meat. Mix well with "B" ingredients. Once mixed, knead the seasoned meat several times.

3. Oil a frying pan, put on low heat and cook one side of the Kalbee meat. Once cooked (when edge of meat starts to turn white) flip over to the other side, put lid on the frying pan to thoroughly cook the Kalbee meat.

4. In a separate frying pan, place the "C" ingredients along with 1 tblsp. of the seasoned paste prepared in step one. Once mixture starts to simmer place the precooked meat into the frying pan. Cook the meat while continuously flipping it to ensure that the meat is thoroughly covered with the seasoned sauce.

- suggestions:
- Make sure to prepare the seasoned paste.
- The seasoned meat must be kneaded well so that it will hold its shape and not come apart during cooking.


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