It's been said that Koreans consume more alcohol per capita than anywhere else in the world. Whether this is true or not is debatable but they do love their alcohol. Visit a bar in Korea and you'll see many boisterous people clanging mugs, glasses or some form of cup filled with some form of alcohol together and yelling, "One shot!"

Although beer is a staple at any bar, soju is the national liquor that is guzzled by all. It's a cheap booze made from potatoes that looks like vodka and tastes like a 3 day old pair of socks. Now this is just my personal opinion and I'm sure I've offended millions of people out there who drink it like it's water but Alcoholic Drinksthis opinion holds true for all hard liquors. I recommend trying some of the other a little more expensive sojus. They seem to be of a better quality and go down a little more smoothly.

Makkoli and dong dong ju are traditional drinks made from rice and have a milky appearance. Makkoli is found in most convenience stores for about a dollar. Drinking dong dong ju is a little more expensive but a cool experience. It's generally consumed in a more traditional, rustic establishment and is served out of a large bowl and poured into a separate cup with a ladle.



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